We’re excited you’re willing to write for RAAN and we look forward to reviewing your article! Below you’ll find a list of general topics we like to feature. Pick any of the topics below or feel free to make suggestions as well.

  • Ecclesiology
  • Eschatology
  • History
  • Identity
  • Christian Hip-Hop
  • Book/Album Reviews
  • Current Event
  • Marriage/Relationships
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Systematic Theology
  • Practical Theology
  • RAANetwork
  • Sexuality
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Missions
  • Manhood/Womanhood
  • Single Parent Families
  • Discipleship
  • Interracial Dating/Marriage
  • Sexual Purity/Love
  • Theology of Suffering
  • Critiquing and Praising the Black Church
  • The spiritual effects of education/literacy in the urban context
  • Reformed Theology
  • Recovering the Gospel
  • Interracial Churches
  • Interracial parenting

The criteria for the blog posts is pretty simple:

  1. Length: 1,000 words or less (if you write more we may edit for length or split it into separate posts)
  2. Topic: Any approved topic written from a Christian and Reformed perspective.
  3. Byline: Include a brief bio and go to www.gravatar.com to register. Provide us with the email you used to sign up for the gravatar account.
  4. Summary: A short, 1-2 sentence, description for the piece.
  5. Subheadings: please indicate your subheadings by making them bold
  6. Links: please indicate the URL after the text, where you would like the text link to be (we’ll hyperlink it). In guest posts, we do not include affiliate links.
  7. Images: We will be responsible for images.
  8. Editing: All posts appearing on RAAN are edited and checked. We correct grammar, check spelling, and the flow of the content. We will notify you of any major changes.
  9. Format: Please submit all articles in a word document format (.doc, .docx).
  10. Question: All blogs are required to supply a question to encourage your readers to actively engage your content.
  11. Twitter Handle: As a platform for writers, the RAANetwork is dedicated to promoting your edifying content while also making it extremely easy for readers to find you on the web.

Thank you again for your interest in writing for RAANetwork. Email all submissions to submit@raanetwork.org. Please use this RAAN Submit Template. In the subject line please provide the following:

First Initial, Last name – Title
Example: A Rollins – My Family Looks Different

Please keep in mind that not all articles submitted will be published, however all submissions will be strongly considered and thoroughly reviewed. If you’re new to blogging or need some ideas to help you get started, try the resources below. Also be sure to check out our recommended blogs page for ideas.

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