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Beau York

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Beau York is the Founder and Executive Producer of Podastery Studios, which offers marketing, consulting, and new media production services. Through Podastery, he currently produces several weekly shows, many of which have been featured by iTunes. His shows “Country Squire Radio” and “Flash TV Talk” boast top reviewed podcasts in their subject matter.

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  1. dave
    March 26, 2017 at 4:52 pm — Reply

    Hey guys, thanks for the food for thought. My biggest compliment is of how the apologetic was defined: Black/christian/reformed/bold…awesome. (I may have not gotten it complete and correct, but, that is he heart of what struck me.

    My issue is with how you skipped over the anti-bilblical idea of a ‘woman’ pastor. Once we swallow that, then of course what she says will be off! Not always, but often enough to insure her listeners are confused as to who the Christ of the Bible really is. Listening to her and finding heresy can’t be difficult…so why discuss the symptom and not the cause?

    Great platform…lets cut with a sharp knife.

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